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Best 12 Advanced English vocabulary exercises for Beginners 2023


Welcome to a set of vocabulary exercises designed to help you enhance your advanced English activities skills. These vocabulary activities cover a range of topics, including synonyms and antonyms, word usage in context, idioms and phrases, analogies, and word forms. Each English exercises for beginners offers a chance to engage with words in a meaningful way, whether it’s choosing the correct definition, completing sentence fragments, or associating words with their corresponding categories. These exercises for beginners aim to improve your comprehension, expand your vocabulary, and sharpen your language skills. So let’s dive in and have some fun while learning new words and their nuances!

vocabulary exercises

Exercise 1: vocabulary exercises of Synonyms and Antonyms

vocabulary exercises

Provide a synonym and an antonym for each of the given words:

  1. Eloquent
    Synonym: Fluent
    Antonym: Inarticulate
  2. Lethargic
    Synonym: Sluggish
    Antonym: Energetic
  3. Serene
    Synonym: Tranquil
    Antonym: Turbulent
  4. Perplexed
    Synonym: Confused
    Antonym: Clear
  5. Tenacious
    Synonym: Persistent
    Antonym: Fickle

Exercise 2: English activities Fill in the Blanks

vocabulary exercises

Fill in the blanks with appropriate words from the following list:

  1. The company’s profits have __ steadily over the past year.
    a) soared
    b) plummeted
    c) fluctuated
    d) stagnated
    (Answer: a) soared)
  2. The professor’s lecture was so __ that everyone in the audience was captivated.
    a) riveting
    b) mundane
    c) monotonous
    d) tedious
    (Answer: a) riveting)
  3. The detective was determined to unravel the __ surrounding the mysterious murder.
    a) enigma
    b) riddle
    c) conundrum
    d) mystery
    (Answer: a) enigma)
  4. The author’s latest novel received __ reviews from critics and readers alike.
    a) rave
    b) scathing
    c) mediocre
    d) complimentary
    (Answer: a) rave)
  5. The hiker carefully negotiated the __ terrain, filled with steep cliffs and treacherous paths.
    a) treacherous
    b) perilous
    c) benign
    d) secure
    (Answer: b) perilous)

Exercise 3: vocabulary activities Word Usage

vocabulary exercises

Choose the correct word to complete the following sentence:

  1. The politician’s speech was filled with __, intended to manipulate the audience’s emotions.
    a) rhetoric
    b) logic
    (Answer: a) rhetoric)
  2. The artist’s work was praised for its __ and intricate details.
    a) nuance
    b) brashness
    (Answer: a) nuance)
  3. The storm caused __ damage to the coastal town, leaving many homes destroyed.
    a) extensive
    b) negligible
    (Answer: a) extensive)
  4. Sarah’s __ in mathematics allowed her to solve complex equations effortlessly.
    a) proficiency
    b) ineptitude
    (Answer: a) proficiency)
  5. The CEO’s __ decision to downsize the company resulted in widespread job losses.
    a) arbitrary
    b) deliberate
    (Answer: a) arbitrary)

Exercise 4: English activities Word Definitions

vocabulary exercises

Choose the correct definition for each word:

  1. Ephemeral
    a) Lasting for a short time
    b) Permanently fixed
    (Answer: a) Lasting for a short time)
  2. Quixotic
    a) Unrealistic and impractical
    b) Sensible and pragmatic
    (Answer: a) Unrealistic and impractical)
  3. Ubiquitous
    a) Present or found everywhere
    b) Rare or scarce
    (Answer: a) Present or found everywhere)
  4. Pernicious
    a) Having a harmful or destructive effect
    b) Beneficial and advantageous
    (Answer: a) Having a harmful or destructive effect)
  5. Ineffable
    a) Beyond the capacity of language to convey
    b) Easily understandable or explainable
    (Answer: a) Beyond the capacity of language to convey)

Exercise 5: Word Associations vocabulary exercises

vocabulary exercises

Associate each word with its corresponding category:

  1. Altruistic
    a) Selfless behavior
  2. Clandestine
    b) Secret or hidden activities
  3. Eclectic
    c) Diverse or varied elements
  4. Mitigate
    d) Reduce or alleviate
  5. Pristine
    e) Pure and unspoiled condition

Exercise 6: Analogies

vocabulary exercises

Complete each analogy with the correct word:

  1. Ocean is so vast as the puddle is to __.
    a) small
    b) tiny
    (Answer: b) tiny)
  2. Laugh is to amusement as sob is to __.
    a) sadness
    b) grief
    (Answer: a) sadness)
  3. Marathon is to endurance as sprint is to __.
    a) speed
    b) agility
    (Answer: a) speed)
  4. Symphony is to the orchestra as the novel is to __.
    a) author
    b) writer
    (Answer: b) writer)
  5. The sculptor is to chisel as a painter is to __.
    a) brush
    b) canvas
    (Answer: a) brush)

Exercise 7: Word Usage in Context exercises for beginners

vocabulary exercises

Choose the most appropriate word to complete each sentence:

  1. The chef’s __ use of spices added a delightful burst of flavor to the dish.
    a) judicious
    b) reckless
    (Answer: a) judicious)
  2. The negotiations between the two countries reached a __ when both parties refused to compromise.
    a) deadlock
    b) breakthrough
    (Answer: a) deadlock)
  3. The renowned scientist delivered a __ lecture on quantum mechanics to an eager audience.
    a) captivating
    b) lackluster
    (Answer: a) captivating)
  4. The architect’s __ design seamlessly blended modern and traditional elements.
    a) innovative
    b) conventional
    (Answer: a) innovative)
  5. The journalist’s __ investigation uncovered a major corruption scandal.
    a) meticulous
    b) haphazard
    (Answer: a) meticulous)

Exercise 8: Idioms and Phrases

vocabulary exercises

Choose the correct meaning for each idiom or phrase:

  1. To kick the bucket
    a) To complete a task successfully
    b) To die
    (Answer: b) To die)
  2. A piece of cake
    a) Something that is easy to do
    b) A delicious dessert
    (Answer: a) Something that is easy to do)
  3. Cut corners
    a) To take shortcuts or do something in an inadequate or dishonest way
    b) To divide something into equal parts
    (Answer: a) To take shortcuts or do something in an inadequate or dishonest way)
  4. In the blink of an eye
    a) Very quickly or suddenly
    b) After careful consideration
    (Answer: a) Very quickly or suddenly)
  5. To spill the beans
    a) To reveal a secret or a surprise
    b) To carelessly handle a bag of cat food
    (Answer: a) To reveal a secret or a surprise)

Exercise 9: Word Forms

vocabulary exercises

Provide the correct form of the word in parentheses:

  1. The __ (persistent) rain caused flooding in several areas.
    (Answer: persistent)
  2. The __ (resist) force of the magnet was incredibly strong.
    (Answer: resistive)
  3. The police officer conducted a thorough __ (investigation) of the crime scene.
    (Answer: investigation)
  4. Her __ (ambitious) nature drove her to achieve great success.
    (Answer: ambitious)
  5. The artist’s work was characterized by its __ (express) and vivid colors.
    (Answer: expressive)

Exercise 10: Contextual Word Usage

vocabulary exercises

complete the given sentence by choosing the correct word:

  1. The __ of the novel was praised for its rich and vivid descriptions.
    a) prose
    b) verse
    (Answer: a) prose)
  2. The mountain climbers faced __ weather conditions as they attempted to reach the summit.
    a) treacherous
    b) favorable
    (Answer: a) treacherous)
  3. The actor’s __ performance in the play earned him rave reviews from critics.
    a) compelling
    b) lackluster
    (Answer: a) compelling)
  4. The documentary provided a __ account of the historical events.
    a) comprehensive
    b) fragmented
    (Answer: a) comprehensive)
  5. The government implemented __ measures to address the economic crisis.
    a) stringent
    b) lenient
    (Answer: a) stringent)

Exercise 11: Word Pairs

vocabulary exercises

Choose the word that best completes the pair:

  1. Buy: Sell :: Borrow: __
    a) Lend
    b) Return
    (Answer: a) Lend)
  2. Fast: Slow :: Bright: __
    a) Dim
    b) Dull
    (Answer: a) Dim)
  3. Happy: Sad :: Confidence: __
    a) Doubt
    b) Insecurity
    (Answer: b) Insecurity)
  4. Start: Finish :: Begin: __
    a) Conclude
    b) Commence
    (Answer: b) Commence)
  5. Courage: Fear :: Generosity: __
    a) Selfishness
    b) Greed
    (Answer: b) Greed)

Exercise 12: Sentence Completion English exercises for beginners

vocabulary exercises

Completes the given sentence by choosing the correct word:

  1. The CEO delivered an inspiring __ that motivated the entire team.
    a) speech
    b) lecture
    (Answer: a) speech)
  2. The artist’s work displayed a remarkable __ of colors and textures.
    a) fusion
    b) juxtaposition
    (Answer: a) fusion)
  3. The novel’s ending left the readers in a state of __, longing for more.
    a) suspense
    b) resolution
    (Answer: a) suspense)
  4. The construction project faced numerous __, causing significant delays.
    a) obstacles
    b) advancements
    (Answer: a) obstacles)
  5. The lawyer presented __ evidence to support her case.
    a) compelling
    b) dubious
    (Answer: a) compelling)

I hope you find these exercises helpful for practicing and expanding your advanced English vocabulary! Let me know if you have any more questions or need further assistance. for full information on these exercises visit and for Read more blogs visit this Blog.


In conclusion, these English exercises for beginners provide a diverse range of opportunities to enhance your advanced English activities. By engaging in synonym and antonym identification, filling in the blanks exercises for beginners, choosing the appropriate words in context, understanding idioms and phrases, and completing analogies, you can broaden your vocabulary activities. Additionally, exploring word associations, word forms, and sentence completion vocabulary exercises allows you to deepen your understanding of word usage and expand your linguistic skills. By consistently practicing these English exercises for beginners, you can improve your ability to express yourself effectively and precisely in English activities. Remember, building vocabulary activities is a gradual process, so be patient and persistent in your pursuit of linguistic proficiency.

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